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Next party!

16th May, Soho, free to get in, starts at 7pm (please get there early as it will be busy)

click here for more details

We have got:

  • The next batch of Niceties Tokens
  • Special guests KaraUke (Ukuele Karaoke as heard on Radio 1)
  • Gifts for everyone
  • Fun and games

It's a hats and wigs theme, so come with your headgear.

Do you want to join Team Nice?
-being nice costs you nothing.

Being nice costs nothing, so why is that Londoners so rarely take the time to see and acknowledge the people who share their city? On public transport, in the supermarket, walking down the street, we often hang our heads and avoid eye contact... we can be slow to acknowledge our fellow Londoners as people... just like us...

But we can change, we can make London into the open and friendly city it should be, and that is what Niceties-Tokens is all about.

Niceties-Tokens is a campaign to make London a nicer place to live. The concept is very simple. It isn't about rewarding niceness; it's about engaging and acknowledging others.

The tokens themselves are just that, tokens that are passed from person to person, carrying their message with them. Recipients are directed to this website where they are invited to record their part in the token's journey in a logbook.

We now have almost 1,000 niceties tokens in existence. Each token has potential to be passed round hundreds of people, spreading the niceness message. To find out how to get some tokens of your own to pass round join Team Nice or attend our next party.


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