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About Us

The Mission Statement for 'Niceties-Token.com Group'

Nice breeds nice and nasty breeds nasty. Niceties-token.com aims to create as much niceness as possible that can grow in circulation to counteract nastiness, thus making the world a better place to be for everyone.

Niceties-token.com Group consists of two campaigns
A) Niceties-token campaign and B) Team Nice campaign

A)Niceties-token campaign: Niceties-tokens are fimo clay tokens that are all unique. The act of passing a token is an act of niceness, as is holding the door for someone, or smiling at someone. Nice perpetuates nice, and the act of passing a token around illustrates this. The tokens are also traceable, as they are logged on the website. Therefore the Niceties-token campaign also creates a physical representation of how niceness gets passed around.

The aim of the Niceties-token campaign is to make people be a bit nicer to each other there is no fixed expectation or measurable end result.

B)The Team Nice Campaign: Team Nice are people who want to take an active part, big or small, in spreading the niceness.

In the words of the '90's techno god Scooter 'It's nice be to important but it's more important to be nice'.

Objectives and Policies of Niceties-Token.com Group

Being nice costs you nothing

We will never ask members of Team Nice for money because being nice costs you nothing. In the same turn, no member of Team Nice will ever profit from Niceties-token.com financially.

We will possibly accept sponsorship from ethical 'nice' companies but all revenue generated will be put back into the development and running costs or donated to charity.


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