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Baby on Board badges

Team Nice's prototype for badges for pregnant women has been made.

The baby on board badges are to help identify pregnant women on busy public transport, to improve their chances of getting a seat.

If you know anyone who is pregnant and wants a badge then email [email protected] and we can send you some - or alternatively, if you have access to a colour printer, then print out the attached PDF and cut out and stick a safety pin to the back - hey presto!! (a bit basic yes, but thatís all we do too)

Currently, baby on board badges are given out free by TfL for pregnant women to wear, to help people on busy public transport to identify those who need a seat.

These badges issued by TfL are great as long as they are noticed. But they are not actually that noticeable. If the methods used by top brand managers were brought in here, then creating a distinctive looking badge that was of a particularly unusual colour, shape or emblem would possibly be more effective if people got to recognise the 'brand' over time.

The badges currently look a bit like a London underground badge - out of the corner of your eye you wouldn't associate that with a pregnant woman needing a seat. But what if you saw a yellow diamond shape badge, similar to those stuck on the back window of cars?

So we have designed our own ones too to see if they are a bit more effective.

To get the TfL badges email


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