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Being nice costs nothing...

Being nice costs nothing, so why is that Londoners so rarely take the time to see and acknowledge the people who share their city? On public transport, in the supermarket, walking down the street, we have our heads, avoiding eye contact Ė avoiding acknowledging our fellow Londoners as people like us.

But we can change, we can make London into the open and friendly city it should be, and that is what Niceties-Tokens is all about.

Niceties-Tokens is a campaign to make London a nicer place to live. The concept is very simple. It isnít about rewarding niceness; it's about engaging and acknowledging others.

The tokens themselves are just that, tokens that are passed from person to person, carrying their message with them. Recipients are directed to our website www.niceties-tokens.com where they are invited to record their part in the tokenís journey in our logbook.

The tokens can be passed to anyone, from a partner to a stranger on the train, and hopefully on each step of their journey they will demonstrate and promote the central message of the campaign: nice perpetuates nice.

The tokens begin their journey on Saturday 18 November, as the campaign is launched at the XXXXX in Soho. If you would like to attend the launch, and perhaps start one of the tokens on its mission, please contact...

For more information about Niceties-Tokens and future events visit www.niceties-tokens.com


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