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Niceties Token Campaign

When you smile at a stranger, it's nice. You don't have to do it, they know that. As you know it's nice when a stranger smiles at you.

It's the same when someone holds the door for you, or lets you go first, give you right of way when you are driving.

These little things encourage you to be nice to someone else too. In turn the receiver of your niceness will also pass this on.

A Niceties Token is niceness in a tangable form, a little baton of niceness, that gets passed about person to person. It's not a reward. It's a little illustration of where niceness goes.

Niceties Tokens are little hand made clay tokens. On the back can be found the web address and on the front you'll find an identifying name or code-word. They also have a number of grooves cut in to the clay. Each token has it's own log book on this site, you can view the log books here.

Every time a new person receives a Niceties Token they hopefully log it and then pass it on. So we can all see how niceness gets passed about.


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