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Be Nice To Transport Workers Day

Tuesday 23rd January

Following on from the continuing success of the Niceties Tokens campaign, Team Nice (the ever expanding group of nice people) is proposing a ‘Be nice to transport workers day’ for Tuesday 23 January 2007.

Having survived the official Worst Day Of The Year; Celebrate! By joining in with 'Be Nice To Transport Workers Day!'

Public transport in London and elsewhere can be a daily nightmare for commuters, and it is all too easy to take out our frustration with the system on the people who work on it.

Transport for London says it will not tolerate violence and harassment towards its staff. We believe they shouldn’t need to spell that out.

Team Nice wants to try to rebuild the relationship between transport workers and the travelling public by showing a bit of appreciation of the job they do.

Team Nice would like to invite anyone and everyone to participate in this day.

What do we want you to do? Nothing onerous. Offer your bus driver or station staff a smile in the morning, acknowledge them, perhaps even say hello. Strike up a conversation if you feel like it, just try not to let your irritation at a cancelled train express itself through rudeness to staff. We can manage that, surely?

Please use the forum to tell us how you got on http://forum.team-nice.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=4. Hopefully, we can make their day a bit better, and the knock on effect may make our day better too.

Being nice costs nothing, so please say good morning to your bus driver or smile at the ticket inspector, on Tuesday 23 January and make their day a little better. The knock-on effect may even make your day a little better too.

For more information or to join Team Nice and The Niceties-token campaign visit www.niceties-token.com or email: [email protected]


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