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Make your own tokens

We would love you to make your own tokens, any tokens you make we will add them to the log books so that they can be tracked. Thank you for helping out the cause.

How you make them is like this...

  • You will need some fimo clay or modelling clay that can be baked solid.
  • A permanent marker pen.
  • (Optional - Yacht varnish for extra durability but not necessary if your marker pen doesn’t fade)

1 small pack of Fimo can make about 8 tokens, you can make them whatever shape you like, the reason why we make them long and thin is because its easier to write the information on them, but do it however you like.

Before they are baked solid mark them with a number of little grooves on one side. So that they all have a different number of grooves on the back.

When cooked and cooled, write ‘Niceties-token.com’ on the side without the little grooves.

On the other side write a first name of your choice (make sure every token has a different first name), your surname and if you have room ‘log me and pass me on’

Then, you need to send us the following information so that we can create their log book.

  • Colour of token
  • First name
  • Surname
  • And groove number

We will add your tokens names to the log book, let you know they are on there and then - go and give them out!

If any of this is unclear, then email us on


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