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The Team Nice mission

The members of Team Nice believe that rudeness to people we don't know and bystander apathy are mostly borne out of fear and shyness. In London culture there is a social expectation that people are rude and don't appreciate manners - present company excluded. But what if almost everyone in London was genuinely very lovely, just defensive, because they believe their fellow commuters are rude?

The aim of Team Nice is to prove that there really aren't that many horrid people out there. We want to do this by creating the biggest group of 'nice people' in the world. So this means that Team Nice are people who want to take an active part, big or small, in spreading the niceness.

By joining Team Nice, a member is agreeing to be part of a large group of nice people. The larger the group gets, the more powerful we are.

In the words of the '90's techno god - Scooter 'It's nice be to important but it's more important to be nice'. Every member of Team Nice is equal, and no one member has more importance than the other.

We have parties for you to come to, activities and research campaigns that you can be involved with, plus other things that need to be thought up.. Fancy thinking some things up?

If you haven't already signed up then please do - we want you! We will never give your email address to anyone and will only contact you regarding Team Nice stuff.


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